Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dutch pewter coffee pot

This is a big antique Dutch coffee pot made of pewter. I got it in an antique shop in north Holland for 25 Euros. (Top tip, old stuff is SO cheap there, especially if you find a Kringloopwinkel).

The Dutch word appears to be Kraantjeskan, which doesn’t really have a translation – it’s basically a coffee pot that keeps itself warm with the paraffin brazier underneath. But it must also have something to do with that distinctive shape, because I tried googling all kinds of variations of coffee pot without seeing anything like this, and as soon as I tried Kraantjeskan, it was like a whole army of little pot bellied coffee pots.

Oh, and it’s ooooooold. More antique than vintage – similar ones I’ve been looking at are dated 18th century, which makes it one of the oldest things I own. It’s got three bandy legs on little worn-out wooden feet, and a slightly loose tap that pisses everywhere if you don’t screw it shut. I think it’s made of pewter, but the brazier is a different brassy coloured metal and has plastic feet so that’s clearly a new addition.

I love imagining the hundreds or thousands of different coffees that have been poured from this funny old Kraantjeskan, with different people sitting around it having a chat. And how the outfits, topics and languages may have changed, but the fun of drinking coffee together hasn’t.

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