Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cottage living room ideas

This little cottage in the Scottish wilderness is one of my favourite places in the world, not least because of the retro décor and furniture. Of course, it helps that there’s no electricity; it inspires a certain je ne sais quoi to know the paraffin lamps, log fire, wood-burning stove and candles are actually a necessity and not just for decoration. Your whole lifestyle goes back in time 50 years when you stay here.

What’s more, everything has to be transported there by boat across the loch. So it’s no wonder it’s all so ‘untouched’. There’s wood panelling on the living room walls (now painted sage green), that amazing fabric, ancient bellows and pokers, and decades of books, jigsaws and board games on a shelf above the picture rail.
When the wind howls outside and you know there is no civilisation for miles around, it’s so important to be in a comfy little den of cosiness. So, although I won’t be moving to the wild any time soon, the things I’d most like to replicate from this cottage are:
  1. An open log fire with plenty of accessories
  2. A well-stocked board game collection
  3. Vintage knick knacks that are actually used every day.

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